Kitchen home improvement hot

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Kitchen home improvement hot

Kitchen home improvement hot

Kitchen home improvement hot

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Best Kitchen Design Ideas:Kitchen home improvement hot

Many people are turning to a traditional kitchen design these days. It seems that the basic kitchen look is making a strong comeback after being down to the classy and new-age look. 

How to get a Traditional Kitchen design

The traditional kitchen is one that, while it looks nice, is very functional. The kitchen will use many natural colors and materials. It will also use light to accent and highlight different aspects of the kitchen. Of course, as with any design there are many different options that you will have to make to create a kitchen that is truly your own.

Things you'll need:

  • new cabinetry (or simply new cabinet doors)
  • wood or stone tile 
  • marble, concrete or stone counter tops 
  • hanging, track lighting 
  • recessed ceiling lights 
  • under cabinet lighting kit 
  • paint, paint brushes and drop cloths 

Step One:

Choose the colors of wood and walls that you want to use in your kitchen. This will help you choose the rest of the materials that you will need. If you need help picking out colors, look online at what other people have done and find a style that you like. These colors should be natural however. Many times an off-white with a black accent or a cherry wood with a dark accent color. If you want a lighter accent color you can choose an oak with a light accent color.

Step Two:

Cover everything in the kitchen and paint the walls the accent color that you desire. In most kitchens the walls aren't seen much, so you will not need a lot of this particular color of paint.

Step Three:

Order and install new cabinetry based on the wood color that you selected for your new traditional kitchen. You will be better off having someone come in and install the cabinets for you also. If you don't want to spend the money on getting all new cabinets, then look for companies that offer the doors only. Many times this can save you hundreds and it will still give you the same traditional look. You will want to include a couple of cabinet doors that have glass windows on them and display your nicer china or glasses in there.

Step Four:

Put up some under- and in-cabinet lighting. Your cabinet company can do this or you can do it separately. These lighting sets come in kits and you will want to make sure that you can put some lighting in the cabinets that have the windows on them as well as illuminating the area underneath the cabinets.

Step Five:

Replace the flooring that you have, unless you already have a stone tile or wood floor. The flooring you choose should either match your counter top or the cabinetry. Either way, have a professional come in and install the floor for you as well.

Step Six:

Choose a new marble, granite, concrete or stone counter top. These counter tops can be very costly, so if you are looking save a little money you can purchase smaller slabs of counter top and have them lay them together. Multiple smaller slabs are much cheaper than one large slab. This counter top should contrast the color of the cabinets that you have selected.

Step Seven:

Put up recessed ceiling lighting. This type of lighting is economical and easy to install. Normally the kits are pretty cheap as well. This lighting will give you a softer, more calm light in your kitchen. The soothing light will help bring out the natural glow of the cabinets and counter top.

Step Eight:

Install track lighting above the island, if you have one. This type of lighting offers a more direct light while still being a softer tone. These lighting structures are also a great piece of decor that you can add to your kitchen.


– Look at photos of other traditional kitchens for any additional ideas. Remember, it is your kitchen so do with it what you please.

– If you want to spend the money, a skylight is a great way to pull in more natural light and can literally transform a kitchen.

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